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Your "All Of The Above" Tower Company

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    Arcadia Towers

    The Arcadia Towers team represents an unparalleled combination of capability and experiences. With expertise across wireless infrastructure, construction, and traditional financing, as well as a deep understanding of local government and education systems, we deliver a wide range of coverage solutions with efficiency and excellence.
    Sam Johnston
    President and CEO 
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    Sam has co-founded and presided over several tower enterprises since 1997, including 2 previous incarnations of Arcadia Towers since 2005. These engagements resulted in over $140 million in assets sold. Prior to today’s Arcadia Towers, Sam co-founded and was Managing Director of Lattice Communications, LLC, founded in 1997. Sam is an industry expert known for his wide-ranging knowledge of leasing, marketing, and sourcing for new tower development

    John Rolander
    Chief Development Officer 
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    John is a co-founding partner and leads digital infrastructure development opportunities in the public sector, including schools, cities, counties, and government entities. John brings deep experience from the fixed-income securities industry. John most recently served as Managing Director with Hilltop Securities, one of the nation’s largest advisors to municipalities. Prior to Hilltop, John spent 18 years with Fifth Third Securities, Inc. as Head of Public Finance and Head of Fixed Income Trading & Underwriting.

    Scott Billups
    Chief Financial Officer 
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    Scott is a co-founder with nearly 30 years of financial and executive management experience. Scott previously served at NBC Universal and GE Aviation and has a proven track record with large, small, and Public / Private Equity businesses. Prior to Arcadia, Scott served as CFO at Fiduciary Services Group and FTJ FundChoice respectively, where he led the successful sale of the latter as part of a private equity-backed exit strategy.

    Cori Aluli
    Vice President of Business Development 
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    Cori Aluli is Arcadia’s Vice President of Business Development. With more than 25 years of wireless telecommunications experience, Cori specializes in many aspects of wireless operations and has previously been employed by Carrier and Vendor organizations along with owning her own Firm. Cori’s previous experience in building and managing vertical infrastructure brings a unique strategic perspective in supporting the deployment of wireless networks.

    Billy Patterson
    Finance & Site Acquisition Consultant 
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    Billy is a Finance and Site Acquisition Consultant for Arcadia Towers, in addition to being a Senior Lecturer in Finance at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. Billy has nearly a decade of experience working with public and private sector clients across the areas of capital markets, public finance, and real estate. Billy joined Arcadia from Huntington Securities, where he was the lead investment banker for K-12 and local government public finance efforts throughout Ohio

    Colin Hanley
    Sales & Marketing Analyst 
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    Colin is a Sales and Marketing Analyst for Arcadia Towers. Prior to joining Arcadia Towers, Colin served as Business Development Manager and Program Developer for a Smart City Integrator. Colin has experience designing, building, and financing data-driven and economically sustainable solutions for municipalities, school districts, commercial real estate firms, and academic campuses. Colin also worked at Gartner, where he serviced approximately $1 million in company revenue.

    Cole Waymeyer
    Geographic Information System Intern 
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    Cole, a Xavier University second-year Political Science student, joined Arcadia as a GIS Intern. Cole supervises the mapping software that Arcadia utilizes and provides analyses of potential site locations for acquisition or other purposes.

    Anything but Ordinary…

    Our team’s profound experience in the disciplines required for rapid, trustworthy cell tower engagements has resulted in more coverage for schools, communities, and carrier clients, robust profits for property owners, and no shortage of positive recommendations.

    We are dedicated to helping a wide range of customers achieve their wireless infrastructure goals. Contact us, today.

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