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  • Why choose Arcadia Towers to bring 5G to your school?
    Three reasons Arcadia Towers delivers high-speed internet for schools.
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    Three reasons Arcadia Towers delivers high-speed internet for schools.

    If you seek to bring the benefits of wireless network infrastructure to your school and the greater community, you may be tempted to contact one of the major carriers directly. After all, you’d think that kind of proactivity would be rewarded, right? However, the cell tower and wireless communications industry is nuanced and complex. Unless you’re well-versed in the logistics and economics of that marketplace, you may not only find yourself in over your head, you could be the victim of a deal that isn’t in your best interest.

    We look out for the school

    In the simplest of terms, Arcadia Towers is an advocate for wireless for schools. We will protect the school system from being taken advantage of by the carrier. Let’s be clear: we aren’t insinuating that the big carriers are driven by nefarious motives. But the fact remains that school logistics and telecommunications logistics are two very different worlds. When two complex systems that don’t speak the same language come together, the likelihood of miscommunication is high. A translator is needed.

    That’s where Arcadia Towers comes in.

    When you contact us, you are our client, and it becomes our job to bring our wireless connectivity expertise to bear to ensure that your school district gets the best possible deal.

    Arcadia Towers is “carrier agnostic”

    When your school system or municipality attempts to market its location to a carrier, we recognize that your aim is to secure solid access to high-speed service for students and the community. To that end, you may be eager to accept any long-term offer a carrier may provide. Conversely, you may proactively seek out one carrier to the exclusion of others, potentially overlooking an opportunity. 

    Arcadia Towers has the ability to “match-make” your location to the specific coverage needs of any of the major carriers due to our proprietary technologies. Because of our wide angle of view, working with us increases the likelihood of one of the carriers investigating your location as a potential site.

    We’re experts at working with school systems

    Arcadia Towers is one of the very few wireless tower developers that deeply understand the logistics and policy concerns of installing 5g towers in schools. We understand the order of play, how to work with school boards, how to interface with the public and parents groups, and how to arrange the complicated financial specifics unique to municipal organizations. You won’t see us “learning on your time” during our engagement.

    If your school system is currently investigating the feasibility of marketing your location to the major carriers, we encourage you to contact us first. Let us walk you through a few successful case studies where we’ve successfully brought reliable connectivity and high-speed internet access to learning environments — including public schools. We’ll also ease your mind with our deep understanding of educational system dynamics. You’ll be glad you did.

    Arcadia Towers, LLC is a wireless infrastructure real estate investment trust (REIT) founded in 2005. Services include build-to-suit towers, co-location on existing towers and rooftops, and partnering with rooftop owners and landlords to handle every step of the cell tower process, including site management after acquisition or build.

    About the Author
    Sam Johnston
    President and CEO

    Sam has co-founded and presided over several tower enterprises since 1997, including 2 previous incarnations of Arcadia Towers since 2005. Sam is an industry expert known for his wide-ranging knowledge of leasing, marketing, and sourcing for new tower development.

    For more information about Arcadia Towers, contact:
    Sam Johnston

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