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    Carriers - We Provide Cell Site Solutions

    If you’re a Real Estate Manager or RF Engineer for a wireless communications company, you know how critical speed and efficiency are once you’ve identified a critical coverage gap. So do we. That’s why we select pre-identified strategic sites for our portfolio based on coverage needs. That’s also why we’ve created a set workflow for due-diligence and site development to minimize tower construction issues before they occur, and quickly mitigate them if they do.

    Efficient construction. Strategic siting. We deliver what carriers need.

    Comprehensive, data-rich efficiency

    Secure, build, acquire, lease, and manage—smoothly. Our industry-wide expertise from strategic sighting to transparent and responsive lease administration means carriers achieve and maintain their site solutions in record time.
    • We proactively identify areas in need of coverage — or those that will need service coverage.
    • Our strategic sighting is supported by data-rich coverage need forecasting.
    • We’ve made significant investments in data-mining to fuel precise coverage analytics.


    • “Strategic Sighting.” What exactly is that?
      A “Strategic Sighting” is a location that does not meet national carrier’s minimum criteria for cellular coverage. This is a location that Arcadia Towers would consider constructing wireless infrastructure to enhance cellular connectivity to the surrounding area.
    • What does Arcadia Towers do to shorten
      and adhere to construction timelines?
      Arcadia has created a process that allows us to streamline the time that it takes to construct these towers.
    • Any REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) like
      Arcadia Towers can service a lease. How
      is Arcadia Towers different from other REITs?
      Arcadia works daily with all the national carriers to ensure our leases are structured in a way that is most acceptable to our partners and the carriers. This promotes better relationships and the best value for your asset. Arcadia has an established reputation of working efficiently with all national wireless carriers.

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