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Your "All Of The Above" Tower Company

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    Commercial Real Estate & Rooftop Wireless Development

    Your properties, including your rooftops, excess land and other underutilized real estate, may be located in highly-desirable coverage areas. Wireless carriers are racing to cover the country in 5G, meaning your real estate could profit from leasing antennas to these eager carriers. We evaluate your location, then handle the nuanced logistics, paperwork, and negotiations. We’ll take the complexity, you’ll experience the profit.

    We are a complete cell tower resource for commercial real estate. We do more than just rooftop leases.

    Property owners: Profit from towers on your property

    Enhancing the value of your real estate is a complex and nuanced process. Negotiating with an established wireless cell phone company can be fraught with pitfalls for uninitiated property owners. Would you be aware of the consequences of signing the lease agreements they present to you? How would you know if you were signing away future profits? As your single point of contact with carriers, we’ll be able to drive more revenue compared to companies that only deal with rooftop cell site leases. We’ll show you what profit you can expect, shepherd you through the installation process, and advise you once everything is up and in place.
    • We surgically match your properties to a wireless carrier based on their exact coverage needs.
    • Using our bespoke-approach, we evaluate the potential value of your properties to carriers based on your location.
    • Once the antennas are in place, we are your leasing managers for all of your builds.
    • We’ll keep you aware of future opportunities for your builds, further ensuring maximum profit into the future.


    • How do I know I’m getting the
      most for my location?
      Arcadia works with all the national carriers and knows the market for various cellular infrastructure across the country. We negotiate on behalf of your organization to ensure best possible value for your location.
    • I’m already in the real estate business.
      How can I offer a property for
      a cell tower lease?
      By providing Arcadia with the location of each property, we can conduct preliminary analysis and start marketing those properties to the national wireless carriers.

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