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    Municipalities - Boosting Your Area’s Signal Strength

    Business success and increased tax revenues go hand-in-hand. And one of the must-have infrastructure components is accessible high-speed mobile digital coverage. As 5G continues to expand, Arcadia Towers stands ready to assist your municipality in extending multiple win-wins to your locality: broader cell phone service, connectivity, attracting more businesses, fueling more successful work from home lifestyles, and deepening tax revenues.

    We help local communities benefit from improved wireless infrastructure.

    Municipal wireless benefits

    You want to bring the benefits of having a broader 5G coverage area to your locality, but you’re already overwhelmed doing your day-to-day duties. We can help.
    • 5G has the power to do more than increase cellular signal strength and reduce dropped calls from cell phones; it can unleash innovation, attract more high-tech businesses to your area, and add jobs.
    • If your residents have been searching for a “signal boosters for rural areas,” we can help you market your community to national carriers.


    • Our rural community desperately needs better 4G and 5G. Many of our residents have considered cell phone signal boosters. But we
      don’t know where to start.

      Rural areas are perfect for cell tower deployment. By building this infrastructure, you are able to provide a larger area of coverage as opposed to small cells and cell phone signal boosters.
    • If we succeed in deploying new local cell towers, can Arcadia Towers help us understand what that will mean for our revenues over time?
      Absolutely! Our team of industry professionals will use real digital coverage data to quantify the opportunity, then build a reliable conservative financial forecast for your community.
    • We understand that we need to “market” our location to cell carriers to get
      coverage. What if carriers aren’t interested in us?
      Cell carriers are always looking for cost efficient ways to provide a large area of service. By working with Arcadia, we are doing the heavy lifting which makes it even more attractive of an option for the cell carriers.

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