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    Schools - Enhanced Campus Cellular Coverage & Safety

    Modern education across all levels — primary, secondary, and collegiate — demands access to dependable, high-speed mobile telecommunications infrastructure. This was true before the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it is even more so now. Students and faculty — and students’ families, all lead exceedingly digital lives. Mobile devices and cell phones are part of the educational tool kit throughout campus buildings, with educators and students increasingly working from home. Arcadia Towers can help any school or educational institution gain the speed, connectivity, and enhanced safety of 5G service. We specialize in helping educational systems, school districts, and colleges and universities to do just that.

    Cell towers on school property benefits everyone in the community.

    Experts in towers for schools

    You are education experts. We are experts in understanding the complexities of the cell phone industry. However, we also understand the nuances and policy requirements of local educational, political, and architectural infrastructure. Our guidance can even help ensure that leases on the tower can help offset the costs of education.
    • Arcadia Towers is “carrier agnostic,” enabling the best deal possible for your installation.
    • A stronger, wider cellular signal, profitability, and longevity are the criterion for deal success. Our tenure in the industry can help secure all three.
    • We can help your educational organization successfully gain agreement from local stakeholders by articulating the wireless benefits of community connectivity, expanded educational opportunity, wider economic opportunity, safety, and security.


    • Why should we partner with Arcadia Towers to manage the build of a tower on our school grounds?
      Arcadia has a proven record of building and managing towers across the nation. We have in-depth experience working with national carriers and can guarantee the quickest route to getting wireless service to your school’s campus.
    • How do we create messaging for concerned parents?
      Arcadia will work with you, hand-in-hand, to create messaging that is consistent with the concerns of your community. We have compiled all national studies regarding wireless infrastructure safety and abide by all national, and environmental regulatory mandates.
    • We agree our students need connectivity. But is a cell tower on school grounds really the answer?
      Yes. Deploying this infrastructure on campus will not only enhance wireless capabilities at your school, but it will also allow the school to spend the revenue they are acquiring to enhance other wireless technologies within the school, or other important projects – the ‘pledgable’ revenue is unencumbered.
    • Preparing a proposal like this for boards and community support is a big ask.
      How would we package a deal like this for approval?
      Arcadia already has the packaging and has the experience working with school boards and public forums to portray the mission and necessity of this cellular infrastructure.

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